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Most commonly, values fulfill the purpose of shaping a company's identity. Who are we as Alasco, who do we want to be? Learn more about our four values that are now the basis of our culture and our everyday work.

Quick facts

  • Our values guide our work, help us in the decision making process and showcase a path for Alasco
  • Values shape how we interact with each other and those around us (i.e. applicants, customers or service providers)

Our Values

  • Appreciation
  • Trust
  • Ambition
  • Positivity

Why is it important to define values?

The values we chose accompany us in our everyday lives as they shape and define our culture. Furthermore, being sure about who we want to be as a team, employer and company they set a ground for our decision-making and for moving forward with our business. But clearly defining one’s values does not only have an internal effect. It allows us to transparently showcase what we stand for, for example during our application process or towards customers.

What values does Alasco have and what do they mean?


Ambition means for us the desire to accomplish something great. We together have the very ambitious mission to bring the real estate industry up to par with leading digital industries. We have a constant urge to develop ourselves and to reach our full potential. We always start with asking “why” and how we can measure our success. We set ourselves high goals and try to find new and unusual ways to achieve them. Along the way we take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. We achieve our goals together, push each other to become better and give open and direct feedback.

Examples of too little, too much and just about the right amount of ambition:

Too little
  • Defending the status-quo
  • 'This is not my responsibility'
  • No invest in your own skills or aspiration to learn
  • Reactive mindset
Just right
  • Continuous personal advancement and increasing goals
  • Smart twists and experiments
  • Taking the initiative and involved risk
  • Embracing the energy a stretch goal can release
Too much
  • Overpacing at the expense of health or other values
  • Growth at all cost
  • Actionism and hectic rush


We value all disciplines, backgrounds, skills and strengths. We know that we need all this to generate the greatest possible value for our customers. We have a high degree of appreciation for what our customers create and know what we can contribute with our strengths. Many parties are necessary to make a company grow. We never blame others, but try to learn from mistakes. We are open for other opinions, suggestions and experiments and let the result decide. We celebrate success and stand together in the event of failure.

Too little
  • Blaming or making fun of others
  • Looking down on other disciplines, backgrounds or mindsets
  • Reducing colleagues to their work-self
  • No candid feedback, praise or criticism
Just right
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Taking the initiative
  • Priority according to impact
  • Let the organization know that you are doing it
  • Pragmatism
Too much
  • Holding back negative things
  • No consequences for bad results or behavior
  • Never saying 'no'
  • Excessive praise


In racing, they say your car goes where your eyes go. We see the chances and opportunities in everything we do. We approach everything with a positive “can do” attitude. We know that almost all our worries and problems will never happen. We first see the good in people and assume that they are always motivated and give their best. This way of thinking helps us in going forward and having a lot of joy on the way.

Too little
  • Discussing things to death
  • Using circumstances or others as excuse
  • No experiments and fear of failure
Just right
  • “Can do” attitude
  • Investing in strengths instead of mitigating weaknesses
  • Approaching unsolved problems with a leap of faith
  • Embracing change and challenges
Too much
  • Holding back negative things
  • Hiding your true feelings or negative emotions
  • Denial of reality and facts
  • Avoiding conflicts and fruitful discussions


We believe that everyone at Alasco is fully motivated to do their best job with the information and skills available to them. Transparency, trust and sharing of information are the default. We can trust that we can be ourselves, with all our weaknesses and in all life situations. When we ask for help or feedback we can rely on getting it. We handle sensitive data of our customers or colleagues with confidence. We hand over responsibility to employees and colleagues and share with them the joy of their success.

Too little
  • Micromanagement and bad delegation of tasks
  • Fear of being vulnerable or showing your true self
  • Hiding valuable information
Just right
  • Transparency in decision making and information
  • Delegating task with all needed information and purpose behind
  • Asking for help and advise if needed
Too much
  • Overwhelming colleagues with responsibility
  • Being ruinously naive about realities and risks

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