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The search of new and talented team members

Our mission at Alasco relies on a team of incredibly talented people that make sure we reach our goal of transforming an industry. BUT, before a new hire, there is the process of creating a job posting and making sure that all the information about a position is available to potential candidates. In the past month, we have developed a process for our job postings to speed up the search of new and talented team members.

Our job posting process has 6 steps:

  • Identifying the hiring needs
  • Developing a scorecard
  • Writing a job advertisement
  • Kick-Off with the hiring manager
  • Choosing the right recruiting channel
  • Recruiting and Active Sourcing

Step 1: Identifying the hiring needs 

Our hiring needs derive from the overall Alasco corporate strategy and the personnel planning that every hiring manager develops at the beginning of a year or a quarter. Hiring managers at Alasco are usually the Heads or Teamleads of the department. They are responsible for the recruitment and growth of their team.

Step 2: Developing a scorecard

At the beginning of the process stands a scorecard for the vacant position. The scorecard includes the mission and outcomes of the job as well as professional, methodological and social skills that are required. Some hiring managers also include some KPIs a new hire would have, to sharpen the requirements of a position and to give a better idea about who we are looking for. Further it includes specific questions or tasks that help to identify the skills and competencies of candidates.
Filling in a scorecard can take some time but it is absolutely worth it. It forces the hiring manager to specifically think about the requirements of a new position. Further it helps our recruiting team to understand what candidates we are looking for and what skills should be tested in an interview.

Step 3: Writing a job advertisement

Based on the scorecard, a job advertisement is created for the website. The job advertisement includes a meaningful title as well as the sections "Your Responsibilites”, “Your Profile” and “Our Profile".  The position should be formulated as detailed and realistically as possible. As a rule, five key points are normally formulated per section.

Step 4: Kick-Off with the hiring manager

As soon as the hiring manager has created the scorecard and the job advertisement, a kick-off meeting between hiring manager and recruiting is scheduled. During the 30-min-meeting we discuss the requirements of the vacant position, the structure of the recruiting process (e.g. at what point do we send a task, how long is the Main Interview) as well as clarifying organizational questions (i.e desired starting date and salary budget). After the kick-off date, the position is published and advertised.

Step 5: Choosing the right recruiting channels

The job advertisement is published on our career page first. Depending on the target group of the vacant position we choose other recruiting channels such as LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, Indeed, Stepstone and so on. For example: Our engineering positions can always be found on our Career Page and further on Stackoverflow and Hackernews.

Step 6: Recruiting and Active Sourcing

After publishing our job postings on various channels, we go into the recruiting phase. (For more information make sure to check out our recruiting blog post!). Some positions are harder to fill than others, therefore we sometimes actively source for new talents.

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