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Your journey to Alasco – Our Recruiting Process

We want to find the best talents, eager to bring in new ideas whilst challenging and changing an entire industry. Therefore we continuously work on our recruiting process to make it transparent, fast and a great experience for every applicant.

Flowchart of the recruiting process at Alasco

1. Screening

After we have received your applications, our recruiting team will carefully screen your application. This first step usually does not take longer than a week, but sometimes it might take a couple of days more. In any case you can always expect a notification from us.

2. Pre-Interview

The first video call takes about 30 minutes and helps us to get to know you as a person. Topics will include your previous experience, the position you applied for and questions such as: What is your current role? Why do you want to switch jobs? What is important to you in a workplace? What are you looking for in a new employer? Further, we are always eager to find out more about your motivation for working at Alasco.  Finishing the Pre-Interview we are more than happy to answer all of your questions and tell you more about the work and life at Alasco!

3. / 4. Task & Main Interview

Compared to the Pre-Interview, the Main Interview serves as a technical and  professionally oriented interview, always including a task.  The interview lasts for  60 to 90 minutes and you will be talking with your potential new team lead. Some positions do have an extra stage solely for a task, e.g. a coding challenge for software engineers, but usually it is one stage. This is your opportunity to show us your skills, the way you work and how you approach new challenges 📈.

5. Founder Interview & Team Meet

The final stage of the recruiting has two parts: a one hour Founder Interview and a brief Team Meet. During the interview we want to give you the opportunity to meet one of our founders, to understand their story and the story of Alasco even better. Our Team Meet aims at getting a glimpse of the people you will be working with. They are also curious about meeting new potential colleagues. Maybe there even is a question you didn’t want to ask in the official interview, feel free to get an even deeper insight into Alasco from your future colleagues.

Join the team!

After your successful journey through our recruiting process you will receive our offer and then there is just one thing left to say: Welcome to Alasco!

Our People & Organization Team has compiled a list on “How to prepare for an interview”. If you are curious about the list and our onboarding process, check out the blog posts below.

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