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Vacation days

Quick facts

  • At Alasco every employee is entitled to 28 vacation days
  • Employees can take vacation days also during their probation period
  • Vacation request are sent through our HRMS and have to be confirmed by the supervisor

Who is entitled to take vacation days?

At Alasco every employee, including full-time employees as well as part-time employees, temporary assistants, interns and working students are entitled to taking time off.

When can employees use their vacation days?

  • All employees are required to take their vacation within the current calendar year. However any outstanding days can be carried over to the following calendar year and should be used prior to March 31st.
  • Vacation requests need to be submitted through our HRMS and be approved by the respective supervisor. It is important to coordinate with other team members to make sure that all processes will still work smoothly.

Are there occasions that allow for special leave?

Yes, there are exceptional cases in which the employee can take a day off. The employee will have to state their reason and discuss the leave  with their supervisor.

Events that allow for special leave include:

  • Wedding day
  • Birth of an employees child
  • Funeral of very close relatives (1st & 2nd degree relatives)
  • One relocation day per calendar year

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