Who are those "A Players" and how to find them?

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Such as many other companies we want to attract and hire the best employees for our open positions. The candidates are often referred to as “A Players”, but what does that actually mean? In late 2020 we created an A-Player framework for Alasco to understand what the term meant to us and what conclusions we should draw for our everyday work life, our recruiting and the way we develop employees.

We came up with a framework that includes four criterias that we consider A Player criteria: Expertise, Drive to work at Alasco, Personality & Values and Raise the bar.

💡 Expertise

  • An A Player is in the top 10 percent of their profession at the given compensation level.
  • An A Player would be a huge loss for Alasco if working for a competitor.

Important for this first criterion is considering the given compensation level. Of course candidates with ten years of professional experience will have more expertise than an applicant with one year of professional experience. But: among the applicants with one year of professional experience, we want to identify the top 10 percent. The level of expertise is evaluated in our second step of the application process: Task stage and Main Interview.

💡 Drive to work at Alasco

  • An A Player on our team is a person we would enthusiastically rehire.
  • An A Player is well informed about Alasco, asks questions about the company and absolutely wants to work with us.
  • An A Player spreads the word about Alasco.

This second criterion includes the desire to work at Alasco, to have a general interest in the start-up culture and the motivation to digitize the construction industry with us. Our first step, the Pre-Interview, is designed to deep dive into a candidate’s interest and drive to work at Alasco. We want to understand your motivation and why you want to work for Alasco. Also in the last step of the recruiting process, the Founder Interview, this criterion is once again verified. Are you able to convince the Founders of Alasco that you want to work for their company?

💡 Personality & Values

  • An A Player fits our culture and models our values: An A Player is “nett”, is a Frontrunner, aims for growth, is 100% committed when agreeing 80% and does it.
  • An A Player is a person you would like to grab a beer with.

Our values are at the core of our work, our cooperation and in general at the core of Alasco. We want new employees to be able to identify with our values. By asking specific questions our Recruiting Team aims to test this. Are you pragmatic or perfectionist? How do you cope with mistakes from others? How do you want to develop yourself? Also the last step of our application process. At the end of the recruiting process the meeting with some team members also verifies the fit with our values. The team has the right to veto when they have a bad gut feeling after the Team Meet.

💡 Raise the bar

  • An A Player drives profitability and growth of Alasco.
  • An A Player raises the bar of the team and Alasco as a whole.

Finally, we have to see the potential in an applicant or employee to raise the bar of Alasco regarding profitability, growth and moving the team forward. Whether an applicant has the potential to raise the bar is assessed by the Hiring Manager.

This A Player framework is not only used for the selection of applicants during the Recruitment Process but also for mid-term and end of probation period reviews. Read more about them in the blogposts linked below.

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