Do your studies define your career?

Alina Suffa

We are excited to share another post from our series “Life at Alasco” in which Alascians tell their journey to Alasco and share a bit about their everyday life. This time we are thrilled to share the story of Alina. After majoring in Educational Sciences, she joined Alasco in August 2020, becoming the Frontrunner in supporting our customers by creating educational content and training our customers on how to use Alasco most efficiently. Read more about here story and work at Alasco:

When Alasco hired me as a Customer Success Manager, a lot of my friends asked how my studies fit my position. There is obviously a huge difference between Real Estate Software and my studies in Educational Science. I want to share how a typical day at Alasco looks like and why I am so sure that my studies fit perfectly to my position and why everyone should study what they feel passionate about in order to find their dream job.

When I was younger, I truly wanted to become a teacher. But there was one thing that bothered me about being a teacher. In Germany, it can happen that you get stuck within a state when you become a teacher and you are not very flexible when moving to another city. After evaluating my options I chose to study something more general than being a teacher; in that way I could still pick my own field of work and place of living later. I chose to study Educational Science, of course always keeping in mind that this will lead me to work as a teacher one day.

During my studies, I did an internship at the media educational institution SIN, teaching elderly how to use a smartphone. I understood that teaching and being a teacher are two very broad fields. Being a teacher does not always mean that you have to teach school children how to calculate, write and read. Education is a broad field and everyone goes through a lifelong learning journey each and every day. During that internship, I realized that I wanted to teach non digital natives how to use digital technology to their advantage. I've always been passionate about learning new things, so I thought about making my passion a career.

After my internship, I worked at the customer support center of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich . This experience seemed to have influenced my career path, because, to my surprise, I ended up as a working student in a customer success team. This was something I had never expected when I graduated from highschool. I immediately felt as if I had found my dream job. They hired me because of my educational and customer success background, which according to them, made me the perfect fit to their position.

But one may wonder, why? If you look at the daily work of a customer success team, you may notice that the main goal of their work is making customers more successful through the software they are using and how they use it. Their daily job is teaching their customers how to use a certain software as best as possible in order to reach their own goals. As a result, the customer success team takes over the role of a teacher.

We can analyze that the skills that you need as a customer success manager are highly similar to the ones you need as a teacher: for instance, patience, enthusiasm, empathy, ability to take criticism, problem solving, conflict management, creativity about how to present content, motivation to success and most importantly: Explaining a complex manner in an easy and understandable way.

I started my job as Customer Success Manager at Alasco, even though I had no prior experience in the industry in August 2020. It didn't make me a less fitting candidate for the position. On the contrary, my studies in Educational Science gave me the possibility to do the daily tasks that someone who studied real estate management couldn’t do. It might be possible that I would have never gotten this chance in a big company. However, in an SaaS startup company like Alasco, everyone is eager to learn new things, ambitious to reach their goals, and motivated to be an A player. Working as a customer success manager at Alasco makes me feel I have my absolute dream job. I am certainly doing what I love and also learning something new everyday.

My main responsibility at Alasco is our customer support. If a customer has a problem using our software, I help them via chat or email and guide them through the process until they are able to fix the issue. I'm constantly working in our new help center where I write articles explaining the parts of our software in detail. This encourages our customers to learn how to use our product by themselves. I am also responsible for planning,holding and editing our webinars, where we explain new features of our software to our customers every month. Our webinars are live, so I edit them and cut the video in order to upload it to our website. On top of that, I prepare the training for the users of our software because we want to make sure that even if they couldn't attend the company onboarding, they still learn and know how to use Alasco.

Finally, I get to the conclusion that I am a teacher in all of my daily tasks. This means that my study background helps me be a better worker and to improve my teaching skills with our customers. I have the opportunity to use my teaching skills when I have to show new content of our software to our customers and also when I create learning content or training material.

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