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Thomas Muller

Our Engineering Team represents one essential cornerstone of our company and brings extreme value to our customers. Thomas was one of our first full time employees in Engineering and therefore contributed to the growth of Alasco for a long time.

In the last year he decided to dedicate his Alasco development budget to becoming a better Tech Lead.

Alasco: Thomas, why was it important for you to increase your skills as Tech Lead?

Thomas: For us Techies, Tech Leadership can sometimes be a difficult topic if you have relatively small experience in coordinating big projects. My main focus was on improving my own leadership skills to manage my team in the right way. Therefore I decided to approach this lack and increase my knowledge through some external input.

Alasco: Great intention to independently look for personal pain points! Where did you find a suitable solution to your problem?

Thomas: I decided to participate in a remote workshop with Patrick Kua, a renowned technology leader. In this workshop I had the opportunity to get in touch with more than 15 Tech Leads of diverse companies, cities and even countries. Via different breakout rooms we had the opportunity to join intense, informative conversations about challenging moments as Tech Lead. We spoke about individual strengths and weaknesses and personal experiences with negative technical leadership. Based on our shared challenges we had to master a few demanding scenarios.

Alasco: It definitely sounds revealing to speak with so many interesting people. What do you see as your most important takeaways from those conversations?

Thomas: I understood that other Tech Leads struggle with similar, as well as different situations. Especially to learn how they managed those problems will help me to prevent similar difficulties. Additionally I was able to gain insights into valuable tools like technical vision.

Alasco: This workshop sounds like a quick but intense way to benefit from others' knowledge and experience.

Thomas: Good point - The time to participate in this workshop was well spent and I can definitely recommend it for every full time employee!

Alasco: If you would have to sum up your experience with Alasco's development budget in just one sentence - what would you say?

Thomas: The development budget at Alasco allowed me to acquire new skills and tools that help me to support my team in the best possible way and thus ensure technical excellence.

Alasco: Thank you Thomas - we really appreciate your proactive way of thinking and support you 100 % in living our values this way.

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