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How to Startup: Start-Symbol auf einem Laptop

In early November, we got to host our first online event for everyone interested in ‘How to StartUp’ a company. With our Founder Sebastian Schuon and his long-time friend Jeremias Heinrich (founding partner of Picus Capital) we were lucky to have two experts on founding businesses and starting new ventures on our panel. They were joined by Felix Krauth (former Alasco) and Dennis Rosenke (Alasco), both of whom are in the process of starting their very own venture. More than 70 interested participants got to hear the insights of all four panel-participants and ask the questions most important to them.

Read up on their tips on how to create your own business!

Why is this an important topic and how did we get the idea for the event?

As mentioned before, Jeremias and Sebastian have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to new ventures. The two of them have been working on a publicly available checklist for starting a business, which will be released within the next months. Their goal is to encourage others to start companies and help them in the process.

When Sebastian started to mentor two of our (former) employees, Felix and Dennis, for their own projects earlier this year, the idea grew to openly share all the insights and the knowledge base they have built up so far. We started planning our event and invited everyone that is interested in starting a business or has an idea but no clue on how to turn it into a venture.

In short, as Jeremias put it:

“We want to share that it is very easy for everyone to know that it is not so hard to get started and build a company”.

How to startup

So how DO you start a business? In their checklist, Jeremias and Sebastian have divided the process into six main topics:
“Have an idea”, “Assemble a team”, “Get going”, “Finding investors”, “Hiring employees” and “Do your first sale”. The former three were covered in the event, setting a knowledge basis for starting a business.

Have an idea and validate it
Assemble a team
Get going

Real life experience

Getting all the insights and information from Sebastian and Jeremias is extremely important. However we wanted to make sure to connect the theory they presented with some real life experiences. As mentioned before, Sebastian has mentored two Alascians on their way of starting their venture and we were excited to have Felix Krauth and Dennis Rosenke joining us during the event. Both are in the beginning stages of their journey as founders and shared their experience with the more than 70 participants in the event.


The official part of our team event was followed by a Q&A session, we were overwhelmed by the amount of questions we received. At the same time it made us excited that we could share insights and infos about a topic that is not only important to us, but also to more than 70 participants of the online event. Watch this 30min-click to get the answers to the Q&A questions.

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