Interview: The benefit of engagement surveys.

Nicola Beetz und Caroline Adams

Engagement Surveys are a great tool to measure and evaluate how engaged employees are in their work each and every day. It is an indicator for a team’s mood and motivation and helps to improve the work atmosphere by little initiatives and changes. Thus it helps to enhance an organization’s effectiveness.

Due to the pandemic, our P&O Team was not only interested in the happiness of our employees, but also wanted to understand how everyone is dealing with the long period of working from home and not being able to see other Alascians in the office. To create and evaluate our Engagement Survey we decided to collaborate with the FOM Munich and worked with Nicola Beetz und Caroline Adams, two students at FOM who were looking for a partner for their practical project.

Read below about their experience and takeaways:

Nicola and Caro, can you shortly introduce yourselves? (Background, Course of studies, etc.)

Hi, we are Caro and Nicola. In the past several months we have worked closely with Nina, Recruiter at Alasco, to develop, execute and evaluate an engagement survey at Alasco. We are both working towards our master’s degree in business psychology at the FOM university where we are completing our third semester.

Caro: My name is Caro, I am 25 years old and working in marketing and communications at a Munich software startup. Before that I gained work experience in different companies in the field of e-commerce, product management and online marketing. I did my bachelor’s in international business communication with focus on international marketing at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich including a semester abroad in Spain.

Nicola: My name is Nicola, I am 26 years old and I am working in the Human Resources Department of the German affiliate of an international cosmetic company. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich with focus on Human Resources Management. During my studies I spent a semester abroad in Philadelphia. Prior to my studies I did an apprenticeship in print and digital media. Also, I gained experience as a working student and intern in various companies, mainly in the field of Human Resources.

How come you did your practice project at Alasco?

One of the requirements of the Labor and Organizational Psychology module is to complete a practical project in a company. Our professor highly recommended Alasco and introduced us to Nina and Hanna. Alasco immediately appealed to us: It is a young, dynamic, and strongly growing company with a high potential product. After setting up a call and getting to know each other, we were invited to join a project in the area of employee engagement.

What appealed to you most about the task of setting up an engagement survey for Alasco?

Setting up an employee engagement survey was completely new to both of us. It is a highly relevant task, but we first had to familiarize ourselves with the topic. Especially the possibility to cooperate with a start-up and gain practical insights into a field of work psychology was a great opportunity for us. Also, at Alasco we could realize a quick coordination and implementation of the project, which was important to us due to our limited time frame.

You also evaluated the Engagement survey for Alasco. Did you get the results you expected or were you surprised?

We were very happy to discover that the results showed such a high engagement. Also, we found a fair amount of constructive criticism, which enabled us to derive suitable recommendations to increase employee engagement even further in the future. Of course, the responses also reflected the current COVID-19-situation and the accompanying home office and social distancing circumstances. Based on these findings, we developed an extended home office survey to receive results with a higher degree of differentiation.

Since you are now experts on the topic of engagement surveys, do you have any advice for other companies?

In our view, regularly conducted employee engagement surveys are important to monitor the prevailing climate and offer employees a platform where they can express constructive criticism. Suggestions and recommendations for improvement should also be actively encouraged by the company. When developing an employee engagement questionnaire, we also find it important to use scientifically validated questionnaires to measure employee engagement. The company can then add specific questions they would like to address.

How do you connect your studies with the practical project at Alasco? What was most surprising?

In our master studies we deal with numerous scientific constructs. Especially in the field of work and organizational psychology it is very exciting to apply the concepts we have learnt to a practical case. Through the practical project with Alasco, we had the opportunity to combine and implement scientific approaches with practical approaches. We are thrilled with how informative our surveys were, and we are pleased that some of our recommendations were put into practice.

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