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Johannes as Business System Analyst

Looking at the bigger picture – From time to time it can be worthwhile to pause for a moment, rethink the status quo and re-align one’s goals and processes. This serves the growth of Alasco. as well as the contentment of our colleagues.

We are proud that our employees see it as their responsibility to promote their development and purpose, whether on a personal or professional level. We want to support this ambition and curiosity, therefore every Alascian has a comprehensive development budget and customizable development days at one’s disposal.

Probably you are wondering what this might mean. To give you a better picture, we’ve asked some Alascians to tell us their personal development stories. Johannes is Business System Analyst and part of the Growth and Revenue Operation Team at Alasco and expanded his expertise with a digital growth hacking course last year.

Alasco: Johannes, you’ve been with Alasco for almost two years and currently support us as a Business Systems Analyst. Why did you decide to take an additional Growth Hacking course last year?

Johannes: That’s a good question because I actually noticed this course already with my former employer. However, there was never the right moment to pursue it. When I realized that at Alasco I would be able to put my further education into practice, I decided that it was time to make use of it. I chose this course because it tackles an often overseen topic: After a while you tend to do your day-to-day work almost automatically, forgetting to take a step back to become aware of the potential for improvement. For me personally, the Growth Marketing course was the perfect opportunity to challenge me with new insights and broaden my view of the bigger picture.

Alasco: You are right that it can be beneficial to interrupt your own routine from time to time! And how exactly did your course go?

Johannes: The course lasted a total of 12 weeks, with a one-hour zoom call every two weeks and additional homework. Usable tools, such as existing landing pages, were particularly beneficial during practice and made the identification of possible improvements easier.

Alasco: That sounds instructive and like a wonderful opportunity to promote your own development in addition to your job.

Johannes: That’s right! Additionally the course showed me that there are many different career paths in the field of growth that I can pursue! Previously, full-function growth and targeted experiments were quite new, but now I feel much safer. This also helps me to support Alasco further on its ambitious mission!

Alasco:  Yes, it certainly feels good to be aware of your own potential and to realize how to grow beyond yourself! Johannes, if you had to summarize your experience with Alasco’s development budget in about one sentence – what would you say?

Johannes: The course helped me a lot to learn about new topics, to refresh what I knew and above all, to be inspired in taking a step back from my usual tasks to rethink them with what I had just learned.

Alasco: Thank you Johannes – it’s really fantastic that you invest in your development, live our values and move Alasco forward!

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