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Karla and Christina as part of our Sales Team

Karla and Christina from Sales

The desire for a new adventure and personal development is rising in times of monotonous everyday life like in the pandemic. At Alasco, we promote mental health and love to see when our Alascians strive for development. It is amazing when our Alascians become creative in terms of how they aim for growth and use the personal development budget provided by us. Karla, Christina, and Laura, who are part of our Sales Team, combined their love for traveling with new enriching perspectives from the Websummit, an international conference for digitalization and technology in Lisbon.

Today Karla and Christina share the highlights of their trip to Portugal and the visit to the Websummit!

Alasco: Christina, Karla, when we heard about your trip to the Websummit in Lisbon, we were amazed about your initiative for personal and professional development! How did you get the idea for this trip?

Christina: Back in the days Laura, Karla, and I were working on the same projects very often and had contact on a daily basis. During one meeting, Laura came up with the amazing idea to travel with several colleagues of our Sales Teams to the Websummit. The Websummit is the biggest event for digitalization in Europe and took place in Lisbon. Because we all were looking for a way to develop ourselves further and missed traveling anyways we were hooked!

Alasco: This was an amazing, creative idea that Laura had! Can you tell us a bit more about the Websummit itself?

Karla: Sure! The Websummit is often called “the world’s premier tech conference”, where many founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing Start-Ups, policymakers, and heads of state talk about their expertise on hot topics, their projects, and their plans for the future. The difference between the Websummit and a conventional fair is the number of panels and speeches. You are offered an incredible amount of input from international high-class speakers and have the opportunity to get in contact with new companies.

Alasco: It sounds like a mind-opening experience for sure! What were you particularly interested in, and what did you hope for this visit?

Christina: Besides craving the spirit and the fulfillment that you get by traveling to a foreign country, we wanted to get new impulses from diverse companies in the tech and digitalization industry. All three of us wanted to catch up with the worldwide Start-Up scene, connecting with companies we would not normally meet in Germany. Besides that, we knew we would experience exceptional, high-quality panels led by well-known journalists. I was also glad that the hygiene concept at the event was strict, which made us feel safe in time of the pandemic.

Alasco: What would you call your personal highlight during this whole trip?

Christina: Sometimes, during the pandemic, we miss inspiration and vividness. On the Websummit, I did not only find out what interests me besides sales issues. Additionally, I experienced talks from celebrities like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Svanborg, and Dr. Vladimir Klitschko. One of my highlights was the talk with Amy Poehler, who engaged in the topic of women in (tech) business. Additionally, it was rewarding to spend more time with my colleagues, Karla and Laura, and therefore get to know them better. To enjoy the good food and beautiful city of Lisbon, brought me a special joy as well! We even had some time to spend at the beach!

Alasco: The combination of experiences sounds like a perfect way to recharge your batteries to start with new inspiration into your job! Were you able to spend more time in Lisbon than the two days at the conference and to what extent did you use the development budget?

Karla: Thanks to Alasco's workation, so our ability to work from abroad (EU), we could spend more than just two days in Lisbon! Some of us worked remotely and spent our free time discovering Lisbon for a few more days. On top of that, we were extremely thankful that Alasco incurred the costs for the tickets to the Websummit and partly our travel costs so that we could go to Lisbon in the first place.

Alasco: We are glad that you took the initiative to develop yourself further, professionally and personally, even if this means traveling to another country! Karla, Christina, if you had to summarize your experience with Alasco’s development budget in about one sentence – what would you say?

Christina: Thanks to the development budget, I had the opportunity to attend Europe's biggest tech event and get to know many inspiring companies that aim to redefine the global tech industry. I was able to network with many inspiring people as well as discover innovations.

Karla: The development budget helped me to get inspired by many versatile talks from CEOs to actors and connect with people from different industries.

Alasco: Thank you both for being such open-minded and inquisitive Alascians. We are certain, that this experience brought you and your team forward!

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