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Lisa as Event Marketing Manager

For our Alascians, it is quite often very important to make bold choices and to just do it to follow our ambitious mission of revolutionizing the real estate industry. In order to do this, it is amazing when people bring a lot of diverse work experience since it can bring one closer to their calling. When you found something you enjoy it is mind-blowing how much energy you can earn from it and how the urge to grow on every single experience rises.

Lisa joined us in September 2021 as Event Marketing Manager and today she will give us interesting insights into the experiences she made before Alasco and why she decided to switch to a completely different industry.

How did you grow up and what shaped you into the person you are today during this time?

Lisa: "I grew up in the beautiful city Kempten, the metropolis of Allgäu I would say. My childhood was very sheltered and I spent most of my time doing outdoor activities. Already in my early days, I discovered my passion for swimming so I joined a professional swimming team. Despite this enormous time commitment it definitely shaped me as a person in challenging myself, dedicating me to what is important for me, and standing up for myself. Nevertheless, I was always eager to make new experiences and already at the age of 15, I spent a Highschool year in the USA. Going to another country fulfilled me with such a rush of excitement and even though it might not have been always perfect and easygoing, I sure learned a lot for my whole life!"

How did you decide what to study and did you realize what you wanted to do during your studies?

Lisa: "I decided to study International Cultural & Business Studies because it combined my love for culture, internationality, and the English language with my passion for math and economics, so the more business-related direction. During my studies, I spent some time in New York doing internships at the German Consulate General as well as the German headquarters for tourism where I was responsible for marketing and event management. In my private life, I have always been very interested in organizing events because it is something that you can actually experience, something where you can quickly see the effectiveness of your actions and that is what gives me incredible motivation. Those experiences sparked a flame for event management, which I can only approve."

How did this time abroad bring you forward?

Lisa: "I have the feeling that a time abroad is often seen as something easy, something where a lot of things come to you of their own accord. But this is not always the experience I made. Sometimes it can be an enormous challenge to overcome “culture shock”. But it is a great opportunity to grow on a personal level. It definitely formed me into the person I am today."

How did you start your career after that?

Lisa: "During my studies, I already worked a long time as a working student in the event team at Daimler. This felt like my real start because at Daimler I had an incredible team and a lot of responsibility since I also helped in organizing big events like the IAA or the “Me Convention”. Those international events and the opportunity to create a parallel world in some way suited my taste. But unfortunately, also my time at Daimler came to an end so I decided to challenge myself again by working in consulting. I went on a very steep learning curve, obtaining a strategic overall picture and focusing on high-level business concepts. As challenging and enriching as this job was - I switched again to something entirely new. At Lake Tegernsee in beautiful Bavaria, I collected experience in the hospitality industry where I did not only get back to event management but also dipped a toe into sales. Overall I can only say that every job brought me forward and contributed to my knowledge."

After all this time, how did you decide to switch to a SaaS company which cares about Real Estate?

Lisa: "When I looked for a new job it was important for me to identify myself in the tasks and the business culture. At Alasco I felt comfortable from the first minute with both. It did not really matter that I had no experience in Real Estate or B2B industries. Sure, it took some time to get used to it but I got responsibility from day one which only benefited my training and of course, our whole onboarding process helped a lot!"

How would you describe your time at Alasco so far and what are your further goals with us?

Lisa: "My tasks at Alasco are the perfect combination of operative and strategic and enable me to get in contact with internal and external people. After only a few weeks I already got in connection with my passion for events again and the time here feels like an inspiring rollercoaster on which I discover new areas continuously. Thinking about the future it is incredibly important for me to create event experiences that last in everyone’s memories and therefore make Alasco the event leader in the PropTech scene. Personally, I want to grow even closer as a team and be more and more amazed by what we can create altogether. Being part of the marketing team makes me proud every day and I enjoy every minute of working together. Additionally, I am extremely excited about what this year will bring, especially with our series B investment, and who knows - maybe soon I will create some international event experiences once again!"

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