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The Alasco People and Organizations Team

On AlascoInside we focus on the work of the People & Organizations Team at Alasco. They recruit, onboard and develop all Alascians and make sure that everyone has the work environment he/she needs. But who are the faces behind the P&O Team? We want to shed some light on this mystery and decided to take the time and introduce ourselves. P&O at Alasco, that is Anselm, Hanna, Nina and Pia.

Our mission

The P&O Team not only takes care of the HR processes, but also of our Team Management, Office Management and Employer Branding. Together we work towards our mission that we set ourselves:

We want to offer a professional home where everyone can grow and a place where teamwork is one of the highest values. By building and fostering a high performance team we want to support the growth of the entire company. Moreover we want to give the opportunity to develop not only professionally but also personally. Doing all that we work as transparent as possible, we try to challenge employees and management in their ideas and we keep everyone up to date and informed and we support our imminent feedback culture.

Who we are

Anselm - Head of HR

Anselm is one of the founders of Alasco. At the same time he holds the role as Head of HR. He has been recruiting new Alascians from day one. Having worked closely with the P&O team at Stylight, he supports us as Head of HR in addition to his role as Head of Engineering. Working with people and giving them the opportunity to grow their potential every day is what fulfils him in his daily work. With his experience, he accompanies us in the realization of projects and gives us the right tips and tricks along the way. On top of that, Anselm is a never-ending source of book tips as he has read (most likely) every management book out there.

Hanna - HR Manager

Shortly after Alasco was founded Hanna joined the team as Team and Office Manager. Together with Anselm she started to set up our HR processes. Together they started to recruit new Alascians and implement HR initiatives, always aiming to create the most pleasant working environment. Before starting at Alasco, Hanna studied Politics and Public Administration in Konstanz, Germany, and afterwards Management in Lund, Sweden. With her knowledge from her studies she began to build up the HR Team of Alasco. Especially her empathy and fairness mark up our HR Management process. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her friends or likes to bake with her roommate.

Nina - Recruiter

As our recruiter, Nina singles out the best candidates for Alasco out of hundreds of applications every week. After completing an apprenticeship as a Media Merchant, she decided to do a dual course of study in business administration. This enabled her to gain practical experience as an HR Marketing and Recruiting Manager in addition to the theoretical content of her studies. With more than nine years of experience Nina is an absolute Recruiting pro. She constantly works on improving our processes, conducts up to 30 pre-interviews per week and she is always excited to get to know the candidates better (Click here to learn more about our application process). Nina loves to ring in the end of the day with her colleagues during a zumba session.

Pia - Working student HR

In September 2020, Pia joined the P&O team as a working student. She supports Nina and Hanna in the daily P&O business and takes over her own areas of responsibility, such as planning Employer Branding events. Besides working at Alasco she studies Psychology in her Bachelor's degree at the University of Regensburg. With her expertise she contributes to several projects in HR Management, Recruiting and Employer Branding. Pia loves doing sports and is the Volleyball Queen in the team.

If you want to read more about her experience, definitely read her experiences about working at Alasco in this blog post:

If you want to know more about our processes, make sure to read the articles in the resources section of Alasco Inside or reach out to us!

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