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You made it: You successfully passed the recruiting process, signed the contract and are now ready to start your job at Alasco – how exciting! You might be a bit nervous or uncertain, but don’t worry, we got you covered.

We have a detailed onboarding process to guide you and be your partner before, during and after your start at Alasco!

A good onboarding process is vital to make you feel secure and comfortable right from the start. There are two types of onboarding: The general onboarding process managed by our People & Organization Team and the team specific onboarding. Read more about the latter below under ‘Starting at Alasco’.

Before you start

Prior to your first day at Alasco you will receive several emails from our People & Organization Team to help you with bureaucratic obstacles, especially when you are relocating from another city or country. We will provide you with a relocation information package that includes useful tips for your visa process, finding an apartment in Munich and everyday life hacks to make you feel at home right away.

To guarantee a smooth and frictionless first day, we also ask for your laptop preference, provide you information about Alasco, the industry and our product and give you the details for your first day.

Of course you are invited to all team events that happen before your start. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know the whole team and hear more about the work and life at Alasco.

Ready for your first day?

Checklist: Before you start

  • Receive information for your visa process and a possible relocation to Munich
  • Decide on your technical setup
  • Receive information about your first day
  • Receive information about Alasco and the construction industry
  • Be part of Alasco team events to meet your future colleagues

Starting at Alasco – first days

Finally your first day at Alasco has arrived – it’s time to start the onsite onboarding which includes several intro sessions, team lunches and an office tour. Our goal is to support you in grasping how the organization works and what the mission and vision of Alasco is.

From an organizational perspective, your first day will be filled with setting up your computer, your accounts and getting acquainted with the tools we use. Every team has specific tools for their every day work, but don’t worry: Your teammates will make sure to help you with the first steps. Adding to the more technical details, we also want to make sure to introduce you to Alasco, the way we work and what vision we are working towards. You will already have invitations to the following intro sessions in your email account:

  • Introduction to the industry and our customers
  • Introduction to the Alasco app
  • Introduction to Alasco’s vision and mission
  • Introduction to the Alasco feedback process, our development budget and our organization
  • Introduction to the Office

Each intro session will be hosted by a different team member, a great chance to meet more colleagues from various teams.

Last, but certainly not least, is the social aspect of your onboarding process. We value our team spirit and want to make sure that you feel comfortable and part of the team as quickly as possible. Your first week will include team lunches, coffee breaks with your colleagues and the chance to meet new colleagues!

You survived your first week, what’s next?

Checklist: Your first days

  • Set up your computer, your accounts and get acquainted with the tools your team is using
  • Participate in the intro sessione covering various topics (industry, mission and vision, out app, the office & our processes)
  • Have lunch with your teammates, and meet colleagues during the coffee break

After you started – first months

Congratulations, you passed your first weeks! You had introductions to the major topics at Alasco, you had lunch with your teammates and experienced the awesome life at Alasco.

During your first months you will have a couple of feedback sessions, not only with your supervisor, but also with the People & Organization team. We want to make sure that everything works out for you, that you have all the information and tools you need and that you feel comfortable and welcomed at Alasco. We are not perfect but we are always willing to iterate, make changes and improve with your feedback!

Checklist: Your first months

  • Attend the regular check ins with your supervisor
  • Get an invitation for a Check In with the HR Team
  • Be curious and ask your new colleagues all the questions you have

Team Onboarding

In addition to the general Alasco onboarding, each team has created a team specific onboarding process to deep dive into their topics and processes. In some teams you will have a buddy to guide you through the first weeks of onboarding, help you with the setup mentioned above and to serve as your first point of contact.

No matter in what team you start and what specifics your team onboarding will entail, the entire team is here to welcome you to Alasco! We want to encourage you to ask your questions and to approach anyone in the team, everyone is here to help you have the easiest and nicest start possible.

Join the team!

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