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Get a glimpse at what it's like to be a Sales Development Representative here at Alasco.

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What is life at Alasco like? To answer this question we started to ask Alascians to describe their journey and tell a bit about their everyday life. In this blogpost, Aleksandra shares her story. Joining us in fall of 2020 Aleksandra has become an important part of our Sales Development Team. Read more about her journey and what life as SDR at Alasco can look like.

After my studies and a longer travel to South America, my application process for a full-time position took longer than expected due to COVID-19 and the first lockdown. After several experiences with different companies during lockdown, where the application processes were paused or cancelled at all, I was prepared for any kind of interview procedures when applying for Alasco. To my big surprise, the whole process lasted only two weeks and I was able to start right away.

So here I am, 8 months later, remembering my first day at Alasco, where I didn’t know what to expect and thinking about how my daily doing will look like, I want to give you a small insight on where my journey has brought me so far and how my daily work looks like.

When applying for the position as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and then preparing for my interviews, I caught myself thinking about so many different aspects of this position, that in the end, it seemed to be a unique opportunity for me not only to start a career in a fast growing startup, but also to combine my studies, interests and personal development goals in one position. But I’ll come to that in more detail in a minute.

First of all, let’s have a closer look at the daily tasks of a SDR.

A normal day starts around 9 am with checking my emails and our CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) tool for the daily tasks. Sometimes there are so many that you have to check twice, if the number shown is really correct :). Just joking - no reason to be scared - more tasks mean of course more potential customers to engage in using Alasco!

After a small morning check-in with my POD (that’s how we call our cross-functional team depending on different customer groups consisting of SDRs, Account Executives and Customer Success Managers), I work through my email and calling tasks, to make the potential customers aware of Alasco and our solution.

The exchange with potential customers in general makes up a large part of my day - we reach out to them, talk to them, qualify them and search for solutions in other internal teams to solve special requests they might have.

Both, the functional and the cross-functional team have slack channels to communicate, share news or funny pictures during the day. This really helps a lot, especially when working remote, to learn from each other and sometimes just for having a good laugh together!

Besides internal and customer meetings, in the afternoon I usually search for new interesting prospects to reach out for.

On a weekly basis we have kickoffs with the team and our team lead, where we discuss the week ahead and always brainstorm together for improvements of the actual process.

During home office times, the routine of having a quick check-out in the evening with the SDR team, personally for me, turned out to be a very important part of the day to get blockers removed in a very efficient way. And I wouldn’t like to miss the daily  “Let’s call it a day”- statement of our team lead anymore to really start my free evening :)

But what does it actually mean to be a SDR at Alasco?

Having a management and technology background, I was lacking any knowledge or experience in the PropTech industry - a fact I was truly worried about in my first days at Alasco.

But from the first day on, everyone at Alasco helped a lot to get me on track. The learning curve is immense - you have meetings with Customer Success, Sales, Product which continue on a daily basis within the POD structure.

And of course - you learn from the customers. As a SDR you are at the front line of the whole sales process and responsible for the attraction of new leads. Every customer call shows you a new perspective of the industry and gives you very valuable insights in their working processes.

In the end - every customer goes through our hands, which makes oneself feel truly proud when you see the direct influence of your work on the overall company goals with regard to revenue.

The interaction with all kinds of leads, doesn’t only make you become an expert in the industry, but also teaches you to get along with very different kinds of people and situations. I believe that this is an important experience, which might not only be helpful in one’s future career path but also in personal life to handle any kind of situation.

When starting at Alasco I barely had Sales experience and wouldn’t call myself a typical Sales person by definition. But Alasco supports your personal and professional development to become a real A-player in what you do. Coachings with external mentors or an annual development budget of 2.000 EUR and 3 extra days gives you a lot of space for your personal improvement.

Last, but not least - what do I like most about my job as a SDR?

What makes me really happy in a job is to understand problems and find solutions for our potential customers. By engaging with the leads every day, you learn a lot about the difficulties of digitization and the challenges they face in optimizing their processes.

On the one hand, it’s a lot of fun to show them how easy their challenges can be solved with software and on the other hand, there is still so much potential in the construction industry for digitization, that most of the time they are really thankful for reaching out to them.

And of course our Barista coffee machine at the office :)

To sum up, with the position as a SDR at Alasco I found the perfect environment for me to start my career with a lot of room for personal and professional development.

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