How to become a frontrunner - Sophia as UX/UI Designer


“Be a Frontrunner!”, “Aim for Growth!” and “Do it!” - For us Alascians, our values represent the basic components for good cooperation, good communication and our corporate culture. Enabling every employee to develop personally and professionally has a major impact on our growth and success as a company.

We not only grow with our daily challenges, we are ambitious and inquisitive beyond that. Alasco supports us on the way to the best possible version of ourselves. For this reason every Alascian is provided an extensive development budget and individually designable development days.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

That's why we asked some Alascians about their personal development stories:

Sophia, UX / UI designer at Alasco, is currently expanding her specialist knowledge with a digital UX / UI course.

Alasco: Sophia, although you are a member of our product design team, you are currently completing further training to become a UX / UI designer. How come?

Sophia: That's correct! In my studies I was able to gather an incredible amount of advanced knowledge, but I missed the basics for UX / UI design. However, it is precisely these that are extremely important for my work at Alasco and since I was very interested in the area anyway, this is a great opportunity for me to use my development budget.

Alasco: How exactly does your course look like?

Sophia: The course consists of various videos that I can watch online on demand. The videos are divided into different design disciplines, such as font or color. I get homework for every video, which I can share with my fellow students and the teacher to get feedback.

Alasco: That sounds instructive, but also very time-consuming. How do you juggle your time allocation in terms of leisure, job and this further education?

Sophia: That's true. I find it a great advantage that the course itself covers a lot that would otherwise cost me a lot of time in a professional context. I can clarify possible questions extremely quickly externally. Since the course is very extensive, I am extremely grateful for the extra Development Days that we have at hand. With these I can concentrate completely on the training without being distracted.

Alasco: Yes, it certainly feels good to make great progress quickly. The extra time on the training days certainly contributes enormously to this.

Sophia: Definitely - I can only recommend it and I am glad to have the opportunity to still train myself in such a cool way besides my work.

Alasco: If you would have to sum up your experience with Alasco's development budget in just one sentence - what would you say?

Sophia: "The development budget helps me to make better design decisions for an intuitive use of our app."

Alasco: "Thank you Sophia - we think it's really cool that you live our values this way and invest in your further development."

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