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At Alasco we realize every day how important diverse teams are which also applies to their experience and their skills. Gathered as a team we bring the real estate industry up to par with the leading digital industries, which requires a lot of courage, team spirit, knowledge, creativity and perseverance.

Stefan has more than 20 years of professional experience in construction project management and has been working at Alasco as a Product Expert for three years.

Get to know Stefan and his Alasco story.

What did you study and what kind of professional experience did you gain afterwards?

Stefan: I did a Master's and an additional part-time study in Real Estate Management and Construction Project Management. Afterwards I worked as a project manager in the construction industry for many years. So I got incredible knowledge regarding different construction projects, learned where the priorities lie and understood the processes within the projects. I also saw the problems with the needed tools and methods.

Stefan standing

How did you find out where your professional journey would lead you?

Stefan: I've always wanted to help to build something and to work interdisciplinary. During my apprenticeship and working as a construction project manager I really enjoyed working with other people and optimizing processes. When the first wave of digitization was sweeping over the real estate and construction industry in 1999/2000 it hit me. Now available softwares aimed at improving teamwork, processes and responsibilities. And this change was not temporary - it is noticeable today more than ever. This aforementioned wave influenced my career path since I decided to begin with process and software optimization in 2001. Project management still interested me as well but process optimization and communication suited me better. More specifically I found out that improving project tools has always been my primary goal.

What makes your position as Product Expert special?

Stefan: I would call myself an intermediary to ensure that our customers' needs are heard, understood and communicated to our product team and our developers. I understand the language that is spoken in this business which makes communication easier. This is very important for our product since we need to stay on track with all the needs that our customers have. And our customers have a contact person at eye level.

Stefan with colleagues

How does your long time experience benefit you at Alasco?

Stefan: Having worked in construction and real estate brings many advantages: I understand why our customers at Alasco value certain things. And my background in construction enables me to think of practical solutions for our customers' problems. From the very beginning I have had a very clear product vision, because of my own experience I know what our customers require and where the real, often overlooked need lies. I always try to be forward-looking in order to guarantee the best possible service and the best possible product. There is no doubt that my experience is very beneficial for my role at Alasco!

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