Teamevents 2020

We love to organize regular team events to bring everyone together and to strengthen the bond within the team. Last year was certainly a special one, we had many great events planned, but due to the Covid pandemic we had to cancel some of them and come up with new - remote -ideas. We certainly came up with some cool events that we could have remotely or in person and wanted to share what to inspire other HR teams as well. Therefore we will leave out the non-remote events such as our Beer Pong tournament in January or our skiing trip.

Beer tasting
Exit the room
Birthday/Series A dinner
Crime rally
Ice cream cart
Weißwurst Frühstück
Christmas Party

What’s next?

Despite the circumstances, 2020 was full of fun and successful team events. For the new year, we decided to go with smaller initiatives to keep the team connected and in a good spirit. We organize Lunch and Coffee Roulettes, connect Alascians for Walk and Talk Meetings and in March we are excited to go on a remote skiing trip with everyone.

What has been the most amazing team event you have ever participated in? What events did you organize for your team?

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