The People Behind Alasco: Meet Our Frontrunners!

Thomas Muller

For our Alascians we as Alasco create a professional environment where they find their calling and are enabled to follow it. Ownership from day one is important to us: Therefore we embrace the strive after a position where you have fun in what you do, a position where you grow beyond your limits.

Our team is growing quickly, thus Alascians that joined the team in our early stage play a huge role in onboarding new team members. Especially when it comes to bringing our values to life and our work culture.

Hanna, our HR Manager, joined Alasco in October 2018 as our first full time employee and supported us tremendously in our development, not only as a company but also as the people behind. Get an insight into Hanna’s life and her Alasco story.

How did you grow up?

Hanna: I was born in the beautiful Swabia as the youngest of four children, three brothers actually. Already at my youngest age I was very interested in traveling with my family to foreign countries to experience nature, the people and the different cultures. For this reason I spent some time abroad during high school and university, USA, Italy and Sweden and also worked as a volunteer in Ethiopia. This experience, all those different perspectives, really grounded me and taught me a lot about the person I wanted to become.

For what reason did you decide to study? Did you realize what you wanted to do during your studies?

Hanna: After my A-Levels I did not really know what I wanted to do, so I decided to follow my interests and did my Bachelor in Politics and Public Administration in Konstanz. During my Masters in management in Lund, Sweden, we did a lot of team projects and were provided a group psychologist to improve our work. While talking to her about my interests I realized that simply working with people is genuinely my favorite project. And I learned how to enable my colleagues not only in working contexts but also in their private life.

Why did you join Alasco?

Hanna: Funny Story: My roommate in Lund, where I did my Masters’ degree, was the HR Manager at Stylight, the former company of our founders. She introduced me to Anselm and after getting to know Basti, Benni and Anselm and their vision for Alasco I decided that joining Alasco would be the right step for me - I never regretted my decision!

Of course it was difficult at the beginning to have zero knowledge about real estate but this lack of knowledge was filled quite quickly. Since I was the first full time employee I had the chance to dip a toe into plenty of areas. This gave me the possibility to decide what exactly I wanted to do - whether I wanted to take charge of an area of work or pass it to someone more capable and interested. In the end I found my fascination as the HR Manager at Alasco!

What do you appreciate the most at Alasco?

Hanna: Alasco is a fast growing company which means that many new people join us - many new people with interesting stories where nobody is like the other. These different characters, stories and personalities make me enjoy my job every day! 

Additionally I am grateful that Alasco enables me to improve my skills, not only with constant challenging tasks, but also by really owning the responsibility at my job. And since people are simply my focus at work I have to say that we are simply an incredible team. Everybody can be themself. Due to the mix of so many cool personalities I enjoy every team event, lunch or even a simple coffee date with a fellow Alascian. For me Alasco is simply a great place to work!

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