The People Behind Alasco: Meet Our Frontrunners!

Thomas Muller

At Alasco we offer a place where you can find a place to grow and authentically be yourself, no matter where you’re from. We are eager to find Alascians who give 100 percent, A-Players who live our company culture so that we all share the same values.

This month we reached over 90 employees from all around the world and are thankful for every new Alascian that chose to join the Alasco team. Every employee has an amazing history that we want to share with the world. Tomás is in the spotlight today, he is part of the Engineering team and joined our company in spring 2021.

Why did you join Alasco?

Tomás: In the very moment that I wanted to buy a plane ticket to live with my father in Spain, Nina, our Recruiter, contacted me via the internet and reached out to me with a job opening at Alasco. I actually did not think about moving to Germany before. But after talking to Nina I realized that this would be an amazing opportunity for myself. Also, Munich is simply an extremely beautiful place - I already realized this in 2016 when I visited the city for the first time. Additionally I was fascinated by the recruiting process where I had the opportunity to meet the team and our founders. During the meetings I realized how healthy the work environment is and that everyone really lives the culture we strive for.

You mentioned that you originally wanted to move to Spain. Why did you decide to emigrate from Argentina in general?

Tomás: Argentina is facing many problems right now, e.g. extreme social inequality and a high poverty rate. It is sad but I moved looking for a better life quality. Additionally, my grandparents were originally born in Italy and migrated to Argentina when they were young. Me coming back to Europe after all these years feels kind of poetic!

How is life in Germany different from life in Argentina?

Tomás: Besides the difference in the overall standard of living, some certain situations immediately come to my mind when I think about this question. It is mostly the simple things in everyday life that I had to adapt to really quickly. I remember this one situation where I went to the supermarket. In Argentina your purchase gets packed into bags by the cashiers, so I was not prepared at all to do the packing myself, especially at this high speed! Additionally it took some time to adapt to the way things work in Germany, like the opening hours of shops or how to commute. But after some time you get used to it and it is not difficult at all anymore.

How was your start at Alasco?

Tomás: When I joined Alasco at the End of March 2021 the COVID-19 Pandemic still had a huge impact on our work life. We had to book tables in the office or work from home, so I was nearly alone on the first floor. Nevertheless I could see the different departments during lunch where we could connect perfectly, so I never felt alone. The most pleasant thing was that I felt welcomed and valued from the beginning and everyone was extremely supportive. I love that even though our company grew so much in the past months this hasn’t changed a bit! My actual task at Alasco was challenging at first since I had zero experience in neither the German way of working nor the business logic of the construction industry but I mastered this challenge quite quickly, also due to the adequate onboarding every new Alascians gets.

You came to Germany with zero language skills. Is it hard for you to live in a country where a different language is spoken?

Tomás: To answer this question you can differentiate between two kinds of views - work and leisure. At work I do not have to worry about my German language skills, since Alasco employs people from over 14 different nations and we speak English most of the time. Also Software Engineering takes place in English anyway. Outside work, problems occur more often so I decided to learn German on my own, which I aim to fit in at least three times per week. My goal for this year is to pass an A1-exam!

What motivates you most in your work at Alasco?

Tomás: I already mentioned the amazing culture and the great interaction with the whole team - a team where you can be yourself and where everyone is highly appreciated.  Additionally our Engineering team manages to distribute the upcoming tasks really fairly among every employee. This way everyone is enabled to give 100 percent power! Last but not least I am extremely proud of the product that we are building as a company. Every time I see how we make the work of the users easier I am glad to be part of such an important company where authenticity, friendship and respect is embraced.

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