What to do during social distancing

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On March 20th the Bavarian government issued new rules to help flatten the curve and the spread of the Corona virus. The government restricted meetups, the gathering of groups and encouraged people to stay at home and to social distance themselves from one another.

We wanted to make sure that our employees felt comfortable at home, also before and after work or during weekends and holidays. In collaboration with the blog #Inzeitenvoncorona, we started to research initiatives and sent out weekly newsletters with a different topic, such as „Culture during Corona“, „Sports during Corona“ or „Volunteering during Corona“.

Below we want to share these initiatives and ideas with you, do you have any recommendations that we could share?

Cultural activities
How you can help and support

The list above is how we try to keep up the spirit, to support our employees beyond the actual work place. Do you have any ideas or initiatives? We are looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas on how to tackle this period of social distancing!

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Disclaimer: Alasco has not been paid to feature any specific museums or theaters on this page and all links are posted voluntairly. Our People & Organization Team spends time each week to research new activities and this is what we found so far.

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